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We also Haul Large Items & Trash Off Your Property!

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Looking for a simple and easy way to organize your garage?

You’re in the right place! 

We've been working in Houston and surrounding areas since 2000 and no matter what your needs are, we deliver top quality work at unbeatable prices!

Do you have large items that you need to be hauled off for Recycling? 

Contact us today to find out more about our home improvement services!

Here is How Our Service Works!

  1. Schedule your free estimate online or by calling  713-703-3473. We can also quote you via teleconference where you can display a real-time video of the space to be cleaned & organized (garage,  shed, storage, attic, closets, etc.)

  2. Include details of the services and goals you desire and want to accomplish!  

  3. Our friendly team will call you to schedule an estimate and receive additional details for an accurate quote.

  4. A Fee of $150 is required to book an appointment, which is then deducted from your ending balance.​

  5. Provide clear access to the garage or items and we'll do the rest!

We started this business with a dream of helping people by Taking Back Their Garage with top-notch cleaning & organizing!!

We love to see Everyone's garage clean and openly displayed because they feel Confident, Cool & Comfortable about their newly cleaned garage space, set up exactly how the client envisioned it, but...let the DirtyGarageGuys do the Dirty Work! 

Take Back Your Garage Today!!


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Schedule the date and time you would like for us to begin our service!

Retainer Fee Required


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Let us handle the hard work!


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Need Large Items Removed? Contact Us today!


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We Can Recycle Items 


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